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12/13/2015 | By Alex
Fresh Snow, Fresher Gear!

Winter is in the air here at Sierra with the last storm dumping 16” of pow and white out conditions as I type! Saturday the temps were perfect and the snow was prime, so we invited our buds from Never Summer Snowboards, Ramp Skis + Snowboards, Hoveland Snowskates, Dakine, and Spy Optics to come kick it in Solstice Plaza so we could fine-tune our Christmas lists.  I rallied the marketing crew to demo some gear and hit the slopes (our job is really tough, guys) and we headed over to West Bowl to test the product and slash some pow!

I rode the Never Summer Aura 150.  This board SLAYED in terms of edge control, I was carving down groomers and loving every minute!  It helped that the board was smaller than what I’m used to riding.  Once I hit some choppier spots the ride became a little bouncy in comparison to my usual stiffer board, which is to be expected.  This board would be amazing in the park or jibbing side hits, a sick combo of fun pop and powerful edges!

Leslie strapped in to the Never Summer Infinity 142.  She loved the amazingly smooth turns, and agreed her board also had excellent edge control, making it a great all-mountain board.  Unlike the Aura I rode, Leslie had to adjust to the stiffness of the Infinity, since she generally rides a board with a little more flex.  Despite the adjustment, Leslie really enjoyed the way this board rode from groomers, to pow, to rollers in the boarder cross park on Upper Snowshoe. 
Check out Never Summer Boards HERE 

Thea hopped on some Ramp Skis, Beaver 102s with an all-mountain camber.  She loved the minimal chatter, smooth ride, and edge control.  Not to mention the rad chicks that were working the booth! For Thea’s riding style, she wished the skis had a twin tip, so she could play a little more and ride switch.  These skis would be great in pow and are good all around the mountain. 

Read all about Ramp's premium bamboo ski technology HERE

After we swooped up our rides, Leslie and I strapped on some Bravo Spy goggles.  Guys, I cannot say enough good things about these sweet gogs. Spy has developed a new technology they’ve deemed the “Happy Lens” which blocks out short-wave blue light and UV rays (harmful for eyes) and lets in long-wave blue light, which has been proven to boost mood and alertness.  I was a tad skeptical that a lens could really be THAT different.  As someone who was cursed with poor vision (thanks, mom and dad) I genuinely noticed a difference in clarity and color.  And when you’re riding in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the ability to see color more clearly is a must-have.  Not to mention we were looking G'd up from the feet up!

Read more about Spy's innovative technology and how to get happy HERE

If you’re bummed you didn’t get to demo any gear, quit trippin!  Sunday the 20th we’ll have DC, Hoveland Snowskates, and Never Summer back on Solstice Plaza ready to hook you up with some fresh gear.


11/30/2015 | By Eric Anspach
Snow Reporter Life

Many people hear of a Snow Reporter and picture pre-opening laps in untouched powder or perfectly groomed courdorouy track, posting witty updates about mountain conditions and talking to radio stations. Im not gonna lie…it’s a lot of that. However, when I walked in for my first day on November 26. My mind was far from powder laps and Turkey. I was petrified that I would key a wrong number into the snow report spreadsheet, select the wrong lift for opening or worse, get totally lost while recording the daily snow report on the phone. I couldn’t wait to get back to my safe desk in Sales! 

Luckily for me, Sierra-at-Tahoe has a great team of people who won't let eachother fail. After a few hours of collecting weather and mountain info, I began the hilarously tedious task of updating the snow phone. An undisclosed number of tries later, I was happy with my recording. I was then told to head to Grandview lift to start my phone-in chat with the local TV station to tell the listening world about what Sierra had to offer. I was told that it is a lot easier to talk about mountain conditions while actually on the mountain and feeling the fresh powder under my skis (yeah I’m a skier).  It was at this point that I knew I was living the dream, working at the greatest resort and having two of the coolest jobs I have ever had. Im stoked for next Thursday to roll around so I can update the masses and tell the good news of what Mother Nature has provided. 

P.S. Come see what its all about here at Sierra-at-Tahoe and follow my journey as a Snow Reporter with #snowreporterlife. 



11/18/2015 | By Leslie
Sierra Resort is Opening Friday, November 20th

When you have a constant love affair with snow, opening day at your favorite resort is better than Christmas morning, it’s better than turning 21, its better than the new Wu-Tang album…. Let’s be real it’s better than EVERYTHING! 

The rumors are true, we’re opening this Friday, November 20th! It has been over a decade since we opened the resort this early. Does anyone else remember that season in 2004 where mother nature dropped 499 inches of snowfall? Bring it, El Niño!

Now’s the time to get back in the winter groove, say what’s up to all your favorite sierra peeps, and get those quads ready for a season filled with shred! 

Make plans to join us this weekend! We’ll be spinning 5 lifts and tows from 9am – 4pm with access to 10 beginner and intermediate trails. We’ll be serving up free high fives and good vibes across the mountain with a beautiful sunny day and live outdoor music on tap. 

NOAA’s extended forecast shows storms on the way so turn Drake up to 11, get your snow dance on and stay tuned for updates! 


02/28/2015 | By Leslie
Another Taste of Winter

Cold temps, light winds, and finally some snow making this snow reporter happy as can be!

I was stoked to get on the hill this morning to enjoy the 4 inches of freshies Mother Nature delivered overnight. Gear up in extra warm layers, rock those low light lenses and join us for a weekend of fun in this winter wonderland! Don't let off those snow dances just yet, there's more snow in the forecast through Tuesday!

02/09/2015 | By Leslie
Kicking off the Week in Style! POW!

Fresh Snow + First Chair + Pow Laps with Friends = A Perfect Monday!

We've been snow dancing for weeks and Mother Nature finally answered our prayers with a nice layer of fresh snow! Temps and snow levels finally dropped late last night leaving us with 3-5 inches of freshies when I arrived at 5:00 a.m. this morning. By the time patrol reported the official total, another inch of snow had stacked on top of that, bringing our storm total for the past 72 hours up to 21 inches and counting!

Being the thorough snow reporter that I am, I had to get out and test the product for first chair! Since we had a slight delay on Grandview due to ice, I hopped on Nob Hill to catch some incredbile fresh turns down Lower Main. Even with only a few inches of freshies every turn felt like a little slice of heaven!

After taking a short break to rest up and hydrate, I met up with my favorite lady shredders for more laps down Castle and Preachers! Couldn't be more stoked to share a snowy day with some of my best friends. I hope you all go to get out there and do the same!